December 24, 2008 (This Day at This Time)

wreathMy Google reader had over 100 blog entries I hadn’t read.  I unsubscribed to a few, but I know I haven’t had much time lately.  I worked Monday and Tuesday, and I went for a recheck at the oral surgeon yesterday.  There I found that the “plug” hadn’t fallen out, and that everything looked good, but that I hadn’t healed at all.  In answer to my question, given before I asked, the doctor said there was no reason and nothing I could do about it, and he took that one out and gave me another.  Which fell last night.

So I have an onimous hole in my gum, and instructions to call the office Friday and go in.  The doctor said he was plugging it again so nothing get in there.  Which now it might.

OK this is not what I want to be writing about on Christmas Eve!  This morning Carole, Nicholas and I went to Erika’s company’s Christmas breakfast, and it was very nice.  It looks like she has a nice place to work and that she enjoys it, which is major for my life.  She came over for dinner and now she’s taking Nicholas back to her place to help her wrap presents.  Carole and I will go to church.  Carole is being assistant minister, and I really don’t like being in church without her next to me, plus the extra time it takes her to be there early and stay late.  I usually don’t go on those days, but tonight I’m sucking it up.

Erika is not going to sleep over, partly I guess because she’d have to sleep on the couch or air mattress.  This will be my first Christmas Eve night without her in her whole life, and fully half of mine.  There are other family members I won’t be seeing.  My mother pointed out to me in email that the family probably won’t ever be together again in the extended form it took two years ago, at my mother’s retirement party.

Tomorrow Carole, Erika, Nicholas and I will go over a friend’s house for Christmas dinner.  This is a newer friend, someone we’ve known for not even three years, though those two have been intense.  I don’t know if we’re starting new traditions here or just getting by for a while.  I know my gratitude list is intact and fully full.  Everyone and everything important to me is OK today, for now, for the people who remain.  I don’t like the letting go aspects of getting older (even letting go of teeth today!) but I am so aware that I could not have imagined this life or these people, not on my very best day drunk.

I hope the bloggers who make my internet time complete are happy and healthy also.  Especially the one I unsubcribed.

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