It Is What It Is

808-023This is getting to be one of the most overdone expressions around lately, and I vastly prefer “life on life’s terms.”  Life on life’s terms is from the Big Book or the Step Book (not sure which), so of course I like it better.  It also reminds me that my problem is with life’s terms. Sickness, pain, death, suffering, unfairness, unkindness, acts of nature, acts of God – all these are life’s terms. My lack of acceptance gives me grief.

So, it is what it is.  Regular people use this expression.  Accept the things you cannot change.

A dear friend and co worker of mine in not in the program, and I hear her suffer different things all the time.  Once I told her “accept the things you cannot change” and she replied, “Can’t I change it?”  Knowing the difference is oh so important, too.

I try not to dwell on the unpleasant things I can’t change and have to accept.  I think I do a fairly good job.  Other drivers don’t usually bother me, nor does the state of my aging body – much.  I usually try to find the bright side.  We’re repurposing my daughter’s room to be MINE, and the tape marks on the wall don’t bother me at all.  The carpet bothers me a lot, but it’s something I can change.  While it’s here, I try to quickly divert me thoughts from it.

In the middle of writing this, I heard that our president elect has made a choice I very much disagree with.  I hoped, briefly, that this isn’t a sign of things to come, but really, it is what it is. He is who he is, and he’s been elected, and he’s ours, and he’ll be much easier to accept than the previous one.

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