Questions and Search Terms

thanksgiving08-004Someone I know in real life who also reads this blog asked me two things.  She asked me how I’m doing with my dog walking.  I’m up to 22 minutes a day, or two walks of 11 minutes each, and I’ve stuck to that until today, which is just too darn cold.

Lots of days I do more because Carole  has been coming with me.  On these walks we have been rushed and confronted by loose dogs more than once, and at least once it was very scary.  I know that if I continue walking, chances are good I’ll be confronted by loose dogs, and that my dog will get into a fight, and hurt another dog or be hurt or both.  Still, I feel the risk is worth it and that I should continue.  I still haven’t written the whole dog walking story here, but I will I think when I get to that part of “my story.”  I’m afraid to do it, but I do it, and I plan to continue.  I had started a few weeks ago with the two ten minute walks and I added a minute to each December first.  I don’t know that I’ll add any time in January, since it’s very very cold.  But my long term goal is to walk the dog as much as she needs (probably over an hour a day) without fear.  Meanwhile my unhealthy obsession with her expresses itself in other ways.

My friend also asked where I find the time to write all this.  I have lots of time, really.  I work five days a week, and leave the house around 7 and get home around 4.  I have holidays and vacation days and sick days.  I go to bed between 10 and 11.  I go to at least one and often two AA meetings a week.  I often go to church once a week.  I’m a reluctant and not very good house keeper, but I do some of that, unless Carole isn’t working, then sometimes I do none of that.  The other critter care besides walking takes probably half an hour, depending again on how much Carole has done.  I do some work at home.  But really I find that all that usually leaves lots of time.  Carole pointed out to me that someone might wonder how I can write this much.  I can because I don’t edit much, I mostly just write it.  And I really like to do it, which makes me do lots of it.  I know I write lots more than most of the blogs I read, and I’m sure some people don’t read me because it’s not short and sweet.  But mostly I’m doing this for myself, and I like to do it, so I do.

Search Terms – Sometimes they are just so funny or strange, I want to share!

  • Is AA a Cult? No, no it isn’t.  And if you join AA, then decide to leave, your misery is fully refunded.
  • The Man on the Bed I find it interesting that people search for this so often, and I wonder why.
  • The Thirteenth Step – Again, this is a popular search, which I think is a shame.  I hope that those who read what I say about it know that it is wrong, and I hope it doesn’t hurt their sobriety.  People also search for Thirteenth Step, Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor, and that is even worse.
  • Disney – These searchers are probably disappointed with my Disney writings.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Anniversaries – I don’t think I’ve written about that.  The places I’ve attended AA have varied a little in their customs, but mostly it’s a coin, applause and a few words.  There’s also all the feelings that anniversaries bring up and how people feel and act around anniversaries.  One thing I really liked and that I try to remember and repeat is one place where I lived that they always said “in order to show that it works.”  That’s why we celebrate.  Not to congratulate ourselves (well mostly not to).
  • Hitting a High Bottom – I didn’t really have a high bottom, although how quickly I fell to the bottom meant I was very young, and that I hadn’t lost many things.  I’ve heard that the bottom is where you stop digging.  Also that it occurs when you give up hope of ever drinking normally again.  Every day in the program people prove that you don’t have to lose everything and half kill yourself or anyone else to come in and be successful.
  • AA Meeting Greeting – Again, this varies from place to place and meeting to meeting.
  • Should Children go to AA Meetings? I wrote about this is a few places sprinkled throughout my story so far.  For babies and toddlers, I think that’s fine, as long as they aren’t disruptive.  And if they are disruptive, I hope someone will step forward and help the parent who brought the child so that the parent can listen to part of the meeting.  When they’re older, I’d say avoid it if you can.  If you can’t, bring something to occupy the children and keep them out of earshot if you can.
  • Don’t Drink Angry – Don’t drink happy, either.  In fact, just don’t drink!
  • Pass Out SnowI hope this means giving snow to everyone in the class.  But if it means being terribly drunk, and passing out in the snow, and flirting with death in that way, I did it.
  • Hungry Angry Lonely Tired HALT – These things are to be avoided.
  • Forced AA Meetings – I hope that it’s the courts forcing this, if anyone is forcing it, and then because of illegal behavior.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s something else, since I was forced to be confirmed in church.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous+Newcomer+No Relationships in the First Year – That is a suggestion, and I think it’s a good one.  It doesn’t mean leave your family, it means if you’re not in a relationship, don’t start one until after your first year.  I’ve also heard it said that nothing fires up your character defects like being in love.
  • Is Al-Anon Evil? No.
  • How to Control My Drinking – For me, that’s by not taking the first drink.

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