November 29, 2008 (This Day at This Time)

october08-0471I slept late this morning, and didn’t get out of bed until after ten.  I couldn’t sleep last night.  I’m writing this after eleven, and I feel stuffy and groggy and painful.  More menopause!

My mother, wife and daugthter are in the next room.  My mother is visiting for Thanksgiving.  She’s been here since Tuesday and she’ll leave on Tuesday.  She just came back from three weeks in China.  She’s traveled all over the world in the past 20 years or so.  I have no desire.  Or little desire.  She seems old this time in ways she hasn’t before.  Mostly, I guess, her eyesight is going.  She’s been severely nearsighted my whole life (and long before me), but it’s getting worse and impacting her daily life.  Scary.  I’m afraid that my daughter may have inherited her eyesight, but I trust that 45 years between them will mean my daughter doesn’t go through the same thing.

We had a nice Thanksgiving, better than I had thought it would be.  It was fun.  In my addled brain I can’t help but worry about next year.  However, I’ve learned to quickly turn from the those thoughts and know that all is well today, and it’s not always that way, and I need to enjoy it.

I went to the viewing yesterday for my client who died.  I’ll have to come back and write about that experience, and what I hope to learn from it all, in a way as a legacy to him.  I guess his funeral is going on right now.  I knew while he was living that I was blessed to know him, I really did.  It’s the others that don’t seem like a blessing.  That’s what I have to learn to appreciate better.

So today I have plans like walking the dog and taking a shower before my meeting tonight.  I feel unsettled that I stayed in bed too long, and it’s hard for me to shake a day that started out this way.  Monday I’ll take my mother to see where my daughter works.  I haven’t been there yet.  Tuesday I’ll take her to the airport and Wednesday I’ll return to work.

Thanksgiving went well and it wasn’t as bad or sad as I thought it might be.  Christmas is creeping up on me, with presents around me and decorations multiplying and occassions at work beginning Friday.  So darn hard to stay in today.

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