Giving Thanks (A Gratitude List Stream of Consciousness)

  • my health, the health of my immediate family and all the people who were here last year
  • the nearness of my kids, who are willing today to spend this day and night with me, my wife and my mother
  • the healthy animals of mine, all five of them
  • a house with electricity, gas, heat, tons of entertainment
  • a wife willing to put up today with my kids, my mother, my friends
  • my friends, willing to spend this day with us
  • too much food, and all of it good
  • peace in the neighborhood
  • freedom of religion and freedom from religion (I don’t know nor do I care about the religion of my neighbors)
  • plentiful AA meetings
  • that I don’t have to go shopping tomorrow, but that my wife and mother like each other enough to go without me
  • my  job, and all the people there, all of them
  • ten years spent with Sebastian (who passed away on Tuesday)
  • a friend to go with me to the viewing tomorrow (she actually calls it a tradition)
  • my job, for as long as I have it
  • my wife’s secure job and great benefits that they and she have let me and my son share
  • lots of books and the ability to read them
  • reliable car

I think the list is getting a bit silly.  Today I didn’t think once about who and what I’ve lost and miss, until very late in the day.  I can’t believe the people who spent this day with me and how well it went.  I’m so glad that I understand gratitude as something to be practiced and cultivated and grown.  I am blessed.

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