This is a Very Large Order (Step Eight continued)

This is a very large order.  It is a task which we may perform with increasing skill, but never really finish.  Learning how to live in the greatest peace, partnership, and brotherhood with all men and women, of whatever description, is a moving and fascinating adventure.

I’m going to stop there for today, because I see that the next lines have to do with going over the past, specifically the drinking past.  Before I saw that, and as I was writing the lines above, I thought for a second about concentrating on the people at work who I still resent and dislike.  There are several threads running through my mind.

The people at work I still resent and dislike.  I could deal with my past experiences with them, my present experiences with them, or both.

Everyone else in my life.  Again, I can go  over the past, or not.

I think my drinking past is too far in my past to be of much use to me now, regarding this.  I last drank 24 years ago.  The only person who is my life from back then is my mother, and, minimally, two friends.  I don’t want to discount my drinking past if I shouldn’t, though.  I’ll have to think about this more.


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