November 4, 2008 (More of This Day)

I wrote that short post and took a bath, and I thought I should write more about this day, especially since I want to use this as a sobriety tool.  It’s election day night, and results are coming in, and it’s looking good, but it’s not done yet.

I got up as usual this  morning and I walked the dog.  I’m walking Xandra twice a day for ten minutes each time as I try to get over my trauma.  This morning it was warm and getting light, so we met several other dogs, and Xandra barks like a nut when this happens.  It’s hard for me to deal with, but I stayed out there for ten minutes.

At work, I read from a meditation book, I think it’s Daily Reflections.  I have it at work, so I can’t look at it now, but I think it said something useful about how my daily inventory can point out my trouble spots to me, daily, so I can deal with them, daily.  More went on at work with the same old stuff about people not doing their jobs.  I tried not to concentrate on it.  I did read my prayer binder.

I left work early to pick up Nicholas at college, to bring him home so he could cast his first vote in person, rather than absentee.  He says he voted Democrat, and he probably did, though his politics are different than mine.  It’s interesting to me that his first vote was in this historic election.  Also, he never got to vote on those old machines that I cast every vote on until, what, 2002?  I’m old, but it looks to me like the computer voting has much more chance to go awry than those machines.

I voted after Nicholas, then went home (across the street), got the dog, and took Nicholas back to school.

I’ve putzed around since then.  Erika cooked a good dinner, and she went to vote also.  Both kids agree with my politics, at least enough to vote for the same people.  I am so grateful for that.

So now it’s nearing 9 pm, and I hope the good news continues.  I’m humbled to have been a part of this, and to have seen it.  I’m feeling blessed tonight.


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