October 31, 2008 (This Day at This Time)

One of the fun things about my job (and there are many) is that I get to dress up and eat candy on Halloween.  We partied all day at work today, and I think people mostly had a good time.  I ate too much.  I let too many things agravate me.  But mostly I had a good time.

My time at home hasn’t been as good.  Halloween has traditionally been a very tough day for my daughter, Erika, and she’s had more than one melt down on Halloween.  It pushes so many of my buttons.  I have huge mommy-guilt about the Halloweens I didn’t handle well, and about her disappointments.  This year she said she wanted to dress up and give out candy, and that’s what she’s doing right now.

I worried (surprise, surprise!) about the dog.  This is our second Halloween with Xandra, and I don’t really remember how she did last year.  Mostly she’s a very loud and constant barker.  For a while, tonight, I had her quietly watching people through the glass door.  But when our other dog started barking at people I lost all hope of keeping Xandra quiet.  So I closed the door and gave her a good bone.  She chomping it as I write.

I had a whole paragraph written about how this evening was going between me and Carole, but I deleted it.  This is only the second “day” I’ve written about here, and I’m not sure how to do it.  We had a disagreement, she wanted to go to a meeting tonight, and I wanted her to stay here, so as not to leave me with the potential stream of strangers.  I’m not seeing how I was wrong in the desire not to be alone with this.  Interesting!

So with 45 minutes left of trick-or-treating, it seems that all is going relatively well.  I have eaten so much candy today (along with other sweets).  I bet more than one person will bring left over candy to the meeting tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll buy some fruit for the snack to counteract all the sugar.


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