How It Works (Twelve Step Recovery)

Like some other recovery bloggers, I get the occassional rant against AA in my comments, and at times I read anti-AA “literature.”  The funniest thing to me about is the the oxymoron that occurs when I say or type the words, “There is no proof that AA works.”  Critics have statistics that prove that AA is actually harmful to sobriety, that more people recover without AA than with it.  But I am proof that AA works.  Carole is.  I could ride to a meeting or a thousand meetings and see sober alcoholics.  An oxymoron indeed!  AA works very well for me.

But not for everyone, that’s true.  I feel very blessed that the program works for me.

So how?  A few ways.  First, the program and the people tell me, and I’ve borne out in my own experience, the fact that this condition is life long and will come back if I drink.  I don’t have a strong opinion regarding “recovered” or “recovering.”  I accept either and I say I am both.  As long as I don’t drink.  I don’t think (and I won’t try) that a method of moderation would work for me.

The second concept I need is the concept of a higher power.  Thinking that I can control things gets me into big trouble, and it’s also important for me to consider that there is a rhyme and reason behind things, that life isn’t completely random.

Third doing “God’s will” or “the next right thing.”  AA offers me a code of conduct I can live with and it gives me the people in the rooms to help me interpret the way of life and fit it into my real life.  That goes along with Step Three but also Four, Five, Six, Seven, and the rest of them.  The program can be, for me, a plan and a guide.

The last part I can think of tonight is that the program gives me hope and shows me real results, in my own life and in the lives of others.  We were talking recently at a meeting about what keeps you coming back, and, I’m sorry to say, pleasure has a lot to do with it for me.  How it works, well, yes, very well.  When I work it.


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