More About Those Kids (my story continued)

Before I leave the topic of having those two kids, there are a few more things I want to record.  The picture I used earlier has some sweet details.

As the oldest, Erika has had dibs on the front seat of the car, the best bed, biggest room, etc, for their whole lives.  Here they have switched places, since Erika thought the pull out bed we gave her was probably more comfortable than the chair thing.  The blanket over Nicholas is actually one she crotcheted for him.  And no, she didn’t get that skill from me.  As far as I can see, it skipped three generations as I can’t do it, nor can my mother nor could her mother.  Or maybe Erika just picked up a book and followed the directions.

The kids get a long very well.  They never fought much, and they hardly ever showed jealousy toward each otther.  It’s a big hope of mine that they close and in touch with each other.

I see in the bed picture that on both of their pillows, the pillow cases are one quarter to one half off of the pillows.  I hate that!  It’s something I would tell them again and again and again, to put the pillows back in the pillow cases and not to lay on the bare pillows.  At home, there could also be a cat or two maybe three in the bed with them, all the more reason to cover the pillows.  You (and I) can see my instructions were given in vain.

Erika recently graduated and has started her first job.  She’s saving money in an attempt to move out quickly.  Nicholas has started his junior year in college.  He vows to move far away.  The vacation pictured may be the last one the four of us take as a family.  Maybe not.

Both kids have it so much more together than I did at their ages.  I dare say they are more together than Carole was at their ages also.  The future is not promised to me, but I can’t help but think this has been a good start in life for them in lots of ways.

Their health, safety and existence has been made possible by my sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous.  They are my biggest blessing and greatest reward. I have seen the question posed, is there any proof that Alcoholics Anonymous works?  I say that there is proof.  Yes there is.


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