Hope and Politics

Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed here belong to me, only.  I do not speak for AA nor do I represent AA in any way.  I believe that I can express my personal views in accordance with Tradition Ten.

The topic at my meeting last night was “hope.”  I had recently written about hope, and I had some new thoughts about it.  Someone at the meeting expressed hope about the upcoming US election.  I hadn’t thought of it until then.  Do I dare to hope about that?

I was “born” a Democrat into a family of Democrats, on John Kennedy’s birthday while he was in office.  I am socially liberal, very liberal, but I also am appalled at the way I see Republicans let poor people suffer.  To me, that’s it, they do.

I work with people who have severe disabilities.  My mother started doing this when I was five, and she just recently retired.  That gives me a long enough view to see that people who need help get more from Democrats than Republicans.

I was a Hillary supporter, and now I support Obama.  I think it’s a travesty that John McCain chose Sarah Palin as a running mate.  I think it would be tragic for her to be the first female president of the US.  It kills me to see her cart around her baby and play on people’s sympathy.  People with disabilities don’t need a “friend” in the White House.  They needs funds.

Here is an excellent post detaling what all the candidates did for people with “special needs” before this election.  Not surprisingly, Obama and Biden did much, McCain and Palin did much damage.  Their ideas about school vouchers will hurt kids with disabilities further.  Private schools do not have to take kids with complicated issues.  Public schools do have to.  Vouchers take money away from public schools and give it to private, sometimes religious schools.  The poorest children can’t choose their school.  They can’t afford good schools, even with a voucher, nor can they manage issues like transportation that don’t bother wealthy people.

I’ve been telling everyone that, should Obama not become president, I’m done with politics.  I’m not moving, I’m just not giving my time to it any longer.  To my view, Gore beat Bush, Kerry beat Bush, and Hillary beat Obama.  An Obama presidency will give me energy, I think, but a defeat (as we’ve seen, not often clear) will dishearten me.

I’m giving time and money to the Obama campaign.  Not much, but some.  I feel like I can’t bear to hope.  I do know, should something awful happen, I have a potential way to make peace with it through the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  At least I hope I do.


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