Search Terms that Brought You Here, and Your Questions Answered

Don’t Drink and Don’t Die – I wonder if these people are looking for this blog, or if this saying is all that common.  And if it’s common, why would you search for it?  It’s a sarcastic kind of answer to the question, “How does one become an oldtimer in AA?”  Answer, “Don’t drink and don’t die.”  Of course it’s way more complicated than that.  I’ve also been asked how much time it takes to be considered an oldtimer.  The first time someone called me that, I had 12 years sober.  In the beginning of AA, two or three years could define an oldtimer.  Some are quicker than others, some are thicker than others (as in thick-headed).  Time is in the mind of the beholder.

The Thirteenth Step – I have a whole post about that.  I’m very sorry that people are looking for that, it is nothing good.  People looking for a song are probably disappointed.

AA Character Defect ListI know what a daunting task beginning that fourth step is.  I’ve collected some of things I’ve seen/read/heard.  I like one thing I’ve come across, the summary that says all of our defects boil down to self centeredness.

Squarelook – ???????  I don’t post pictures of myself, so I know they aren’t looking for me!

What do people say at AA meetings? – Well, they say just about everything that’s ever been said.  AA is “loosely organized,” and there are no rules about formats and such.  Meetings vary from place to place.  The best way to find out is to go.

Step 7 AA blog – I’m working my way through Step Seven here, but that’s not what this blog is about.  My main focus is on being an oldtimer in AA.

AA Step Four is Painful – Yes it is, but it’s worth it.

Strength in Sobriety – I hope this blog reflects that.

Powerlessness and Unmanageability – Two of my favorites!  If I live long enough, I’m planning to work my way back around to Step One and I’ll go in depth with those concepts.  This time through the steps, I’ve chosen to begin with Step Six, and I’m currently working on Step Seven.

Mother Drink, Success Story – Yes!  I have one!  Although I stopped drinking before my kids were born.

Do recovering alcoholics become selfish? Unfortunately, some do.  That should work itself out quickly.  In the beginning, some people need to concentrate large amounts of time and attention on AA and recovery, but that should not make them be selfish.  Someone who is honestly working the program well will not be selfish in the long run, but quite the opposite.  Significant others who are having trouble with their recovering alcoholic should go quickly to Alanon.  People there will know exactly what you’re going through.

AA Formats This may be the most popular search.  Meetings vary widely.  Go to one and see!

AA Meeting TopicsThey are vast and infinite!  I’m collecting some here.

And some miscellaneous oddities:

humbly means what

AA don’t care

is it safe to drink two nights in a row

the thirteenth step ghost story

aa meetings people who have been to jail

is aa a good thing

people in aa don’t care

aa says I can’t drink

restless dog evenings

but when we

feed me and I live, give me something to


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