Still More Akron

Dr. Bob and his wife are buried in a cemetery near his house.

Next to their headstone, a marble urn type thing is inscribed with these words. These are the “Four Absolutes” of the Oxford Group. It seems to me that the Oxford Group and the concepts of it get a lot more attention now than they used to. I just don’t remember hearing much about it in the past. A few months ago, there was even a special study of the group that went on in my area. I have no problem with it at all, I just honestly wonder what ‘absolute purity’ would look like. Not enough to look into it this time, though.

People leave sobriety coins at the grave. Last time I was there, I left my current coin, whatever that was. Here we left a “man on the bed” coin. One of our group left her 9 month coin. I left my 24 year coin.

I know some of this can seem cult like and bit spooky. I don’t mind. These people were real, and what they did, long before I was born, changed my life for the better and really gave me life.

We also visited the Gate Lodge, but didn’t take pictures this time. It’s where Henrietta Seiberling lived. She is the woman that got the call from the pastor that got the call from Bill W looking for an alcoholic to help. She arranged for Bill W and Dr. Bob to meet, which they did, in her Gate House.

I like the way my coin looks on that grave stone. The credit for my 24 years goes to him.


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