Carole and I and some friends went to Akron, Ohio the other day. Carole and I had first been there seven years ago. The others had never been. Akron is where Dr. Bob lived, and where he and Bill W met. Dr. Bob and AA #3, Bill Dotson, got sober in Akron, and thus began the program as we know it. I’m going to try posting my thoughts around the pictures that we took that don’t show any members of AA clearly. I may change my mind about this method after I see how it goes.

First we went to the archives. In this picture, you can sort of see Carole’s reflection as she takes the picture of the symbol in the window. The archives has tons of stuff. There are books, letters, photographs, drawings, paintings, coins, signs. There are many letters written by Bill and Bob and other early AAs as well as notes and manuscripts. Mostly these items are on paper that is sealed in plastic or in display cases. They do not allow photographs of those things.

Stained glass of the man on the bed. The circles that are in the light blue strip that goes around the piece are sobriety coins.

The front door of Dr. Bob’s house. This is where Bob and Anne Smith lived, and where Bill W went to stay after they met. The sign on the top says “Welcome Home,” and a volunteer says this when you walk in. A potential goose bump moment!

Dr. Bob’s kitchen. Here Anne read from the Bible for morning meditations.

The dining room table. Here they wrote, first in long hand, the first hundred stories of the first hundred members.

This is me standing on the seventh step.  There are twelve!  Seven years ago, I had Carole take my picture on the sixth step.  I felt I had been there for years.  So nice to move on to the seventh!  I also think it’s cool that I’ve recorded my sixth step work here, and that I am recording the seventh.

To be continued …………..


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