Going to Disney!

I hate vacation.  That’s an attitude I will be working on changing, every day for at least the next ten or so days.  I’m taking the computer and I really hope that I can do all my usual online things.  No let me amend that.  I hope I don’t want to do my usual online things.  But if I do want to, I hope I’m able to.  Anyway just in case someone wonders where I’ve gone.  I’ll be repeatedly riding through It’s a Small World, lines permitting.

One thought on “Going to Disney!

  1. I love vacation…. but I’ve been preparing too. I’m working on my character defects, especially the one that has me thinking I should plan every second and that everyone should fall into MY line, like perfect little soldiers. I took in a lot of meetings this past week, have maps to a meeting every day that we’re away, have meditation tapes ready, and have been asking God to remove this particular defect of character. We’ll see.
    Pray for me too, if you’re so inclined.

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