February 16, 2013 (this day)


I take a lot of pictures of my animals.  This one is of my dog being very cozy on a cold winter night.

Because it’s winter, and it’s cold, and it’s cozy!  I had a hectic week at work.  My work partner was away on vacation, and now she’s come back, sick.  I’ve had periodontal surgery, and we’re looking to have our 106+ year old bathroom redone before it breaks apart unalterably.  It has lasted amazingly well, but its time is over.  I wonder if all the people who have lived here and used that bathroom over the years could have imagined us.  I’m sure they could not.

I’m trying to clean my room, catch up on my work, stay warm and one day soon, brush my teeth!  I have stitches and it’s just, well, yuck.

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